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Welcome to Tatty's wacky corner of the world web
Nothing here makes much sense; feel free to look around
--Equines/Fawnlings/Personal Characters/Fanart/Stories/etc--

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A friend has an open 'Your Fawnling Here' currently up for a set price - please check it out all you fawnling folk! 

No deviants said Its a lovely painting! Willing to make small alterations to body type, atmosphere and so on. Details such as hair and antlers to be added as chosen
No deviants said If its not for you, or you don't have the funds, please spread the word or let a friend know!
No deviants said Your Fawnling Here - Flatsale by sobreiros
No deviants said (and I'm still sort of on hiatus, sorry guys - much happening lately!)

Art Box

Rusalka and Cully
My free spirited fawnling and her faerie wren friend

My rl rabbit, Bug, drawn by the amazing ReQuay
Tatty's Bug by ReQuay

Lakewood Farm



Mossy Stamp by Tattered-Dreams Aphie Stamp by Tattered-Dreams Toeki Stamp by Tattered-Dreams Matches Stamp by Tattered-Dreams Contessa Stamp by Tattered-Dreams Tyke Stamp by Tattered-Dreams Karma Stamp by Tattered-Dreams Romany Stamp by Tattered-Dreams Anselme Stamp by Tattered-Dreams Kiwi Stamp by Tattered-Dreams Rowan Stamp by Tattered-Dreams Poetry Stamp by Tattered-Dreams Djali Stamp by Tattered-Dreams Manassa Stamp by Tattered-Dreams Uisce Stamp by Tattered-Dreams



Tattered-Dreams has started a donation pool!
844 / 1,600

If you like my art, my stories or if you're just bored or for any other reason, any and all points are greatly appreciated!

I really want to save up to renew my premi and hopefully commission some artists here on DA, which I've been wanting to do for a while :)

Thanks to anyone who can spare a point ^^

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Rachel...or Tatty
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom


I'm 22 years old, I've been studying horses at college and university since finishing my GCSE's, I'm not very social, I love to read and write fiction, I love horror movies and suffer from the compulsive need to mock most things in life. I am easily amused and easily bored.

I draw when I get bored.

I draw a lot. =D

I post fiction online; my rabbit regularly tries to kill me (yes, she's a rabbit. We're working on it) ; I've wanted a dalmatian since I was seven and I can swim better underwater than on the surface. Diving boards are the best invention since sliced bread. I have deep set phobias of bananas, clowns, needles, hospitals and London. And trains. I don't like trains.

I'm really quite boring. And weird. I love this face - :hooray: Anything else, by all means ask and I'll decide if I want to answer. ;)


The SeaSouls

Breed currently for HARPG or RP stables within dA only

Horses can be obtained through group held auctions or a breeding between two prexisting horses. For full details, visit the group and look around.

Still under construction
Journals are still being posted and there is more information to come. Feel free to ask questions on the group profile, or relevant journals if you have any.

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sparkle0dakaree Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2015  New Deviant
Thank u so much for the help and u r very nice
Tattered-Dreams Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem :) Thank you!
sparkle0dakaree Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2015  New Deviant
OMG ur art I wonderful but I was so upset when I saw ur sea souls cuz I was gonna write a book called water horse mine weren't called sea souls they are called kelps so I hope u don't mind if I still write the book
Tattered-Dreams Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much, its great to hear you like my artwork :)

As for the book...SeaSouls are my creation - the concept of a SoulFish (aquatic lifeform as an imprint in the coat), their social and behavioural evolution, management and so on. So those are copyright to me. However, I hardly own the concept of a water horse or Kelpie.

It depends what kind of book you're going to write, obviously, but many kinds of water horses (Kelpie being just one variant of them) have already been written about and belong to no one. They're a common part of folklore all across the world. If you're writing a book about different representations of water horses in myth and history, there's a lot of different stories to cover. If you're writing fiction its more complex. You can put your own spin on your version of water horses (a book called The Scorpio Races, written by Maggie Stiefvater does this very well) and you would then have copyright of your version, but the concept of kelpie in general isn't something anyone can claim as their own (If you've read Harry Potter, think in terms of the hippogriffs. Hippogriffs are a part of accepted myth and legend - animals part horse and part eagle - but Buckbeak specifically, and the way Jo Rowling's versions act, being extremely proud, tameable and fond of ferrets, is all her creation).

I love writing myself and I've been working on original fiction and fanfiction for years. An awful lot has to go into it and its just worth being careful about what you're writing about to make sure it's public domain (as Kelpies are) and not copyrighted (as my SeaSouls are). Hope that helps. But best of luck with your writing!
sparkle0dakaree Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2015  New Deviant
I'm actually righting a fantasy book called water horse about a horse who wants to become a water horse so I hope u don't mind but ur sea souls r cool but my kelpies r way different than kelpies and sea souls I just call them kelpies cuz I'm terrible with coming up with names so I hope u do not mind (ur artwork gets better every time I see it)
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