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January 28, 2013
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Lakewood Farm Meme by Tattered-Dreams Lakewood Farm Meme by Tattered-Dreams

I've finally found time to do my own meme XD And it killed me (because of my terminal perfectionism) but I'm really happy with it on the whole :D Some is self explanatory, but because I'm me - read below for extra info if you want ^^.

1. The drive way is overgrown, small, long and winding. Edited because I forgot the grass verge up the centre. There's no signpost and there's an ancient wooden gate that gets shut at night but otherwise is propped out of the way. Most people drive right past on their first visit up to the Farm and have to double back.

2. I posted this a while back, so it's the same image. The whole lot of them - plus half the yard animals causing usual chaos :D. No - Alec and Twitch are not the pets, but there was an argument over the spare seat...

3. Aphie's definitely the first horse, and Matches is probably the most troublesome, despite Karma and Tessa being a handful, too. A few of them are kid-safe, but Oma pretty much embodies it - he'd mourn for a fly. And Kiwi...I'm not sure which of my horses all you guys favour, but there seems to be a general consensus with the Kiwi Stories, so I went with her.

4. There aren't many horses or characters I love enough to want to steal, so this is pretty much all of them :p ~WesternSpice's Warpy I actually designed, but she gave him such a character, and I just love Trip full stop (couldn't steal him, though, coz I'd never do him justice :D). *LeavingNeverland's Dusty is Aphie's first foal, and another I designed, but I fell in love with her along the way. Her Nordy, Spawn, is about the most devious, evil, scary and hilarious character I've read about, and though I don't envy the person who handles her, I adore her anyway. *BlackGlassButterfly's Janati...I can't really say enough about this horse - and I don't think I've actually mentioned how much I adore her to black glass, come to think of it... But my obsession mainly stems from the beautiful real horse the HARPG version was based on - there are gorgeous photos of her on DA, and not only that, but I love the name, too. Such a lovely mare.

5. The Tour! The feedroom is the same image I've already uploaded elsewhere, since I like it. The stable shown is one in the barn, rather than outside, and that's Tessa attacking her haynet :D Toeki doesn't get enough love, so that's him in the outdoor school (20x40). The indoor arena - The Temple - has been shown elsewhere. And I love this office, but I haven't really drawn it, because it's usual state is chaos, so this is quite tidy, really. Three guesses who's responsible for the tree wearing glasses :p. And that's Misfit, one of the goats looking in at the window - and this is why it's rarely open. It just serves as another escape hatch :roll:. Nice, simple paddocks. Hedges are used as boundaries a lot, and where they're not, there's natural post and rail fences that all get locked at night. The tack room, finally, is the other side of the office in the Barn - the old clothes rack is a saddle rack, and there's also a saddle horse (Bonzai). There's white boards on the partition wall, one for training schedules, and the other for stable schedules (there's one in the feed room for diets). The doors on the side are on sliders and are locked from the inside at night.

6. Lakewood doesn't really specialise in any breed, but they do prefer their Arabians, and have a soft spot for Timekins. But personality is favoured over blood, ultimately, so breed doesn't matter - as long as character fits in. And Mossy is probably the Farm's biggest winner to date, though she may have more than those awards by now that haven't been totalled up :p

7. Paint Palette colour schemes!! These were fun to make :D One for each of them - including Djali, who's not official, yet. Some don't have their own colours, even for home life, but others do. Those who don't just have a blank palette.

8. Other yard animals need more attention, so I did a small feature for extra pets. The dogs are: *ReQuay's Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy Bear Paws, *NightingaleStables' Corgi Percy and *Kalesta's Ibizan hound, Sinner. Cats are: *Nileiris' shorthair cat Maja and two of *MissDudette's cheetah family - mum and a cub (though they're older now). I love drawing big cats :D. The 'other' section features *Seele-Studio's sheep Oblak and *NightingaleStables' rabbit Colin.

9. This is how pretty much every day of the yard diary turns out. The whole gang like to start arguments on paper that continue through the day as they drift through the Den on a break or to see what the next job is.

Long explanations are long. Sorry about that.

It is a tad cartoony and spastic, but I like it and had fun, so it's all good :p

Do it if you dare XD

Blank meme is here: [link]

Taken most of the day to fix this up :faint:
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Art and characters - other than those specifically featured as belonging to others - are copyright to *Tattered-Dreams
Feel free to use this as references if you need/want to draw Lakewood for any reason, but none of the images here can be used for anything else.
Do not take, copy, edit, redistribute or manipulate.
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canadianbounty Mar 16, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i love your version of this meme!
Tattered-Dreams Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :) I had a lot of fun creating it, especially since I hadn't seen a HARPG meme like it before ^^
canadianbounty Mar 17, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah i really love it!
Tattered-Dreams Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad to hear it :)
canadianbounty Mar 19, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Carousel-Stables Nov 20, 2013  Professional General Artist
lol omg I love that the office plant is wearing glasses!
Tattered-Dreams Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, thank you so much - that's one of my favourite quirks in this meme, too :D
do you do everything in photoshop? :) xx
Tattered-Dreams May 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not absolutely everything. I do traditional art, too, and I like mixed media - for example, digitally painting a traditional sketch or line drawing. I did also use MS paint for most of my childhood and well into my teens and have worked with other mediums...

But in this case - yes. All of the images on this meme (and the blank meme itself) was all done in PS CS5 (the only programme I use) :) (out of curiosity, is there a particular reason you were interested? ^^)
Oh yes it's just that I have a Mac therefore I can't get SAI with pen pressure or stabiliser and find it incredibly difficult to draw smooth lines in PS CS6, I was wondering if there are any tricks/brushes/tips you could suggest?
Your lines and everything is just so smooth and your colouring has this beautiful soft painting but still realistic effect :) xx
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