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April 13, 2013
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Stonebridge stables by Tattered-Dreams Stonebridge stables by Tattered-Dreams

BE WARNED: This design/plan and/or information about it may change in the future! Changes could be a complete overhaul or just edits

This is because I wanted to keep updating the group and sharing bits of the estate, but Nev hasn't been online lately to confer with on design.

This is the Stable Yard set up of Stonebridge House, created for the upcoming 2013 Historical and Forgotten Games Festival.

Read more on Stonebridge and the HFGF here: #Bridgewater-Cottage

--The top image shown above employs creative freedom in the landscaping - meaning though the Stables appear to be in an open space, in actuality there is liable to be pens, paddocks, arenas and other facilities nearby, they are just not shown here --

Lots of info ahead, mainly from the RP angle, more than need to know for the event. I just had too much fun with it all.

The picture is mainly self explanatory (I hope!), and everything underneath is the logistics and extra explanation :)

The Stables reside at the back of the Main House. They're set up in a Rectangular formation with gated archway entrances. The interior of the formation is bisected, forming the square of the Main Yard, and the smaller Back Yard.

On the Main Yard, signature arches line the interior walls and beneath each archway, a loose box stable is situated, set back to the outside walls, leaving an overhang. There are also four corner loose boxes which do not have their own archways and are suitable for much larger horses or stabling 2 together (or 3 smaller ponies).

On the Back Yard, the signature arches are the same, but only one wall also plays host to a set of loose boxes (these are multi-purpose - either for quarantine, unsocialised horses, mares with foals or other medicinal purposes). The remaining sides of the smaller yard are general use facilities for the horses.

:bulletblack: A Rug Room with slated storage shelves, heaters, drying racks and an industrial washer.
:bulletblack: Adjoined to the Rug Room, a Feed Room, where staff can prepare feed for Livery Horses, and store their own stock if Guests do not wish to bring their own.
:bulletblack: Solarium Stalls with adjustable heat lamps and rubber matting floors. These can also be used for clipping if necessary.
:bulletblack: Wash Stalls with overhead frames for power hoses and concrete floors with individual drainage. Clipping in the wash stalls is not allowed, due to the clogging of the drains.

Every arch in the complex, save the main entrances, are equipped with a rolling, pull-down door. These doors can be sealed to tracks on the ground. With every arches' door pulled down and secured, the overhang before each stable leaves a square walkway akin to a wind-tunnel. It is easy for owners to walk up and down (particularly if a group of friends or a family have booked a row of stables) but the walkway is wide enough to lead a horse. The doors are almost always raised up out of sight, but they are fitted in case of particularly bad weather to stop a draft blowing into the stables.

There are two Yards within the Stable complex.

:bulletblack: Main Yard (aka: The Square, The Box, The Court)
:bulletblack: Back Yard (aka: Small Yard, The Rec. (short for 'rectangle'), The Barracks)

Main Yard is where most of the day-to-day activity is. Two parallel running tie rails line the centre for easy hitching and tie rings can be found almost anywhere. Taps are stationed at regular intervals, also. The ground is made of large paving slabs with drains situated around the edges by the arches. Horses are tacked up, trotted up, mounted and even given lameness work ups or nerve blocks in the Yard. Stonebridge staff insist the yard is kept tidy and safe, and that guests are respectful of one another, but other than this, being in the Yard should be relaxing, fun and give you a chance to talk to other owners.

Back Yard is a sort of stop off zone. Horses who head out for an arena or ride often exit this way, rather than the front - though that is not disallowed - and they are encouraged to return this way to make use of the wash stalls to keep from traipsing mud (or a muddy horse) into their stable. There is usually less activity going on at once on this yard, but the people who are there usually have a singular purpose - whether that is cleaning a rug or bathing their horse.

Dogs are welcome in the Main Yard, provided they are on a leash and under control at all times. Dogs are not permitted on Back Yard.

Children (persons below the age of 12) are not permitted to use the Washer in the rug room without adult supervision.

The offices are located on the top floor of Back Yard, above the Wash Stalls and Multipurpose Stables. They are accessed through a stairway in the unused corner loose box.

The offices is a large, open plan, room used mainly by Staff to keep log books of stable bookings, horse requirements, shipments, routines, schedules and all kinds of other paperwork. If a guest has a question about their horses' care whilst staying at Stonebridge, or if they need to provide information, the phone call or fax is routed here and forwarded to the Yard Mobile, which is always kept by a Stable Staff member on duty. There are also a number of monitors with feeds to the CCTV system.

Guests are permitted entrance to the offices if necessary, but they must be accompanied by a member of staff. The door is keypad locked at all times.

:bulletblack:Staff Wing:bulletblack:
This is the living quarters of On Site Stable Staff. It is located on the top floor of Back Yard, above the Solarium and Rug Room, also accessed via a stairway in the corner box with a keypad secure door.

Two members of Staff live in the Wing all year around so that they can be first on scene in case of emergency. The living quarters are fully equipped for easy living and there is a rotation in place so that no one in the position grows sour.

Each stable is 16x16 with a 4' wide swing door and lowered front wall with iron guard rails in place. Horses that weave or snap at people outside the stable can be provided with a removable weaving gate or full guard to section off the top half of the door. The front walls are wooden, and a metal bar is fitted over the door to prevent chewing. Bolts include a kick bolt at the bottom and a sliding bar at the top, with a hooked drop catch. Padlocks, carabiners or sliding chains can be provided for those horses who make escaping an art form.

Inside the stable the floor is concrete with a drain in the centre. Rubber matting is provided and laid down in preparation with breathing holes punched through for drainage. An automatic water feeder is anchored to the front corner, but this can be disabled if you wish to monitor your horse's water intake by using a bucket. There are two tie rings per stable, one on the side wall, one at the front, and they lie flat to the walls. A low wattage lamp is also provided should it be too dark to see clearly.

:bulletblack:Back Utility:bulletblack:
Each stable also boasts a small utility area at the back. It is accessed through a folding door at the back of the stable itself, which locks into place with a flat handle, so there is no risk of injury. The utility has space for a set of steps to the top floor, and storage for feed, bedding or extra hay, even tack as is required. Bolted to the walls are a few tack racks for general use.

The room is not overly large. It is more than enough for a horse staying just a day or so or who only has one or two classes at an event. Horses staying longer or competing more may need the extra space provided in Upstairs Storage.

:bulletblack:Upstairs Storage:bulletblack:
The top floor above Main Yard is separated into rooms above each stable. Each room has two folding doors on either side to the front/inside of the square. These also lock with flat handles but they have sliding bolts on both sides. Friends or families hiring stables in a row can pull open the doors to connect their store rooms, and strangers can keep their rooms locked to neighbours.

These store rooms are larger and provide more space to store rugs, tack, feed, extra hay or bedding for longer stays. Owners can also store camping chairs and kettles up here if they have two classes in quick succession and do not want to return to the House.

Storage spaces are accessed only by owners (or whomever they give the key) for horses kept on DIY for their stay. Staff members will also access the storage spaces of their charges for those horses staying on Livery.

If owners do not wish to bring hay, feed or bedding with them, they are welcome to make use of the Estate's supply at additional cost.

:bulletblack:Attic Level:bulletblack:
The attic is literally in the roof level and is a single open space at the very top of the complex. The floor is stable and reinforce though at it's highest point, the average man cannot stand straight. It is usually locked up and off limits - there's nothing up there anyway, unless you count rock salt for when it snows or old tweed hunt jackets. On occasion, Staff will declare it an 'Attic Afternoon' and open it for kids. This usually happens if someone mentions a draft, or a leak, or if they just want to check up on the maintenance - the staff let children over the age of 6 up there because they can stand straight and they can roam for a while to check for holes in the roof whilst having fun.

Yes, I went way overboard with all the explanations (especially considering it may yet change) but I had a lot of fun, so even if it doesn't work for Stonebridge, I'll be keeping hold of the design concept. I've loved the idea of a stable like this for a while, and just never put it into action.

Stopping now, because I need sleep :D

Been doing this here and there for a while. Didn't really count time. All on PS
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Art and design copyright to *Tattered-Dreams
Stonebridge House and all it entails, the upcoming event included are copyright to *LeavingNeverland and *Tattered-Dreams
Do not take, copy, edit, redistribute or manipulate.
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oakhollowd Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG Tatty mature content your porn
You know how I feel about stable layouts!
Tattered-Dreams Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*wails* I'm so sorry! Really shoulda warned people XD

Glad you like it, though :D It was a lot of fun (and murder) to put together!
Cactus-sis Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*asfkfgakfaejhkgfke* Architecture, HOW U EVEN DO EET D8<
I love the design of this and all the information that you've put behind it too! You keep surprising me with delicious skills, Tatts >w> :heart:
Tattered-Dreams Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much!

I actually quite like designing buildings and drawing up floorplans - who knows why? XD In fact, this is really awful if you're looking at it for the architecture - the grid isn't straight and I use a lot of spastic perspective (I have rules I work by to draw this, though, even if I don't always follow them, so if you're really curious you can note me about it ^^)

And filling in all the info behind the design was a blast :D Glad to keep surprising you!
Cactus-sis Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Building-designs are deliciousness to watch, and I bet they are even more entertaining to draw! And you are quite good at it, my friend! ;)
Pfff, shawt awp. I think it looks charming, because sometimes when I look at architecture designs it looks very plain and uninteresting (although it might be a very interesting design) because of straight lines and simple colouring without shades or shadowing. And I would love to hear your secrets, especially since I'm planning on making an official re-opening of my stable in summer!

Glad it was fun for you to write all that down too! It makes me giggle to see how enthusiastic you are and put so much care in it, and it is all well-written and easy to understand :aww: YOU WILL ALWAYS SURPRISE ME, I JUST KNOW IT.
Tattered-Dreams Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They can be tricky, but its the same with anything, I think - if you enjoy it, and you work at it, it gets easier. Horses are said to be one of the most difficult things to draw, and yet I find them among the easiest, as I'm sure other equine artists do. Difficulty is relative :p Glad you like it, though :D

I know what you mean, too. Some things I see just don't inspire anything from me, even if they are beautiful buildings. I think being able to draw a beautiful building in a way that makes it catch your eye is a bit of a task on it's own (one I fail at on occasion). But if you're curious, I'll get you a note asap with some of the pointers I use for designing :)

Haha, enthusiastic is right! I go overboard for stuff like this because it's so clear in my head, but if you understand it all, then that works for me :D. I may speak to Nev about awarding separate prizes for people who actually draw images of their characters/horses at Stonebridge, as well as just in the classes, because it would be great to see others bring this place to life, too.
Cactus-sis Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah yes, so true! Practice makes perfect after all. Or as the military says; "Practice gives practice" :XD:

Yes, exactly. But I think your drawings with buildings are really charming, they bring a nice life on its own when you look at them! :aww:

PFT, sometimes going overboard with stuff can be the best choice evah. I simply don't mind about this for example :lmao: Whee, that sounds really fun! It's a great idea (although I hope people aren't so greedy that they would try it only because of the prices _o), especially since it feels like everything is so rushed nowadays on HARPG and other stables. No fun with rps, experimenting with surroundings and so forth :noes:
Tattered-Dreams Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've not heard that military expression! Makes sense, though :p

Aww, thanks :) Yep, as long as they're appealing enough for you to not look too closely at the horrible structure problem, I'm happy XD

That's true; going overboard can be a lot of fun and with the plans we had for this, that was kind of fitting :D And HARPG today her become a bit of a 'prize oriented' place. Ah well, if we have to award small prizes just to get others into exploring the rp options, that doesn't seem like a huge price to pay ^^
Cactus-sis Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahah, it sounds a bit better in Swedish but we usually say that as an inside joke :XD:

It's not some horrible structure problem, stahp eet! Be proud of your digital construction! xD

Haha, I'm looking forward to see what more you might show us with the plans you two have, it just gets more and more fascinating! :D
Ah yes, indeed. And that plan sounds great, I hope not only that Nev will be back soon (she might scold you for your poll, haha xD) but that my stable will be going again when you start that awesome event, so I can glomp it! :giggle:
Tattered-Dreams Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is months old, and our conversation probably doesn't apply so much now (I'm so sorry, my inbox got filled up and life was so hectic!)

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I found our discussion, and the event, as I'm sure you know, is now running nicely, if you were at all interested, and Nev's also back, which is wonderful news :)
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